Key Ideas

The Campaign to elect Devon Scott for Mayor is centered around three key topics

  1. EQUALITY– Ensuring that all citizens are equally and ethically represented in the eyes of the government
  2. ECOLOGY – Protecting our natural resources to ensure our resiliency and the health of our communities through clean air and water
  3. ECONOMY – Promoting our city’s stability by attracting jobs, supporting our businesses, and building infrastructure

Our Vision

Shared goals and actions

I read once that a church without its congregation is just a building. The congregation was the church all along. Similarly, a city without its citizens is just buildings. The citizens had always been and will always be the true soul of a city. We believe in the vision of a Wilmington that serves Wilmingtonians first. A Wilmington that offers a higher quality of life, including high paying jobs and reasonable housing opportunities. A Wilmington that encourages neighborhood and community interaction through tree-shaded walkable streets and thriving places of business. A Wilmington that we can be proud of and participate in together with a sense of shared identity.

We further believe that the way to reach this vision is true transparent and receptive government. We desire a Wilmington that listens and answers to her people because the city has always been and will always be its citizens. We believe that diversity and representation create better leadership, and that accountability is a virtue. And we know that we deserve this vision. That this vision is attainable. And that this vision is the first step toward progress that accentuates our greatest resources and preserves our rich heritage. And we are going to work together to make our shared vision into our shared reality.

– Devon